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Are your poor English language skills stopping you from landing your dream job? Do you need to improve your fluency? offers flexible online teaching for intermediate and advanced level students who wish to improve their English language skills for business, travel or study opportunities.

The lessons will be focused on the language that YOU need. We work on all areas but the main focus is on your writing and speaking skills.

Begin your studies with a free, comprehensive Placement Test and a trial lesson, which will help us define the areas you need to improve on. We offer several programmes to suit your needs:


  • IELTS Preparation Course – full score analysis, CEFR grammar test and four lessons for 247 euros.
  • IELTS Score Analysis for independent study – full score analysis, study guide and one 90 minute session for 157 euros.
  • Customised Online Lessons, One to one – Book a single lesson for 67 euros.
  • Essay feedback service – three essays analysed for 60 euros.

A 4-week intensive training course with four one-to-one lessons, a comprehensive Placement Test and an IELTS Practice Test with Score Analysis.

PRICE: 247 Euros

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Book a complete Score Analysis if you need guidance on how to progress with your practice without private lessons.

PRICE: 157 Euros


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Book your free placement test with a trial lesson to start your studies as effectively as possible! Receive an action plan for clever language studying.



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